Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer, designs and implements computer networks.
Unlike network administrators, who perform day-to-day support, the network engineer focuses on high-level design and planning. Network engineers select the appropriate data communications components and configure them to meet user and corporate needs.

To be a successful network engineer you need to be a confident communicator and possess excellent attention to detail, analytical and problem-solving skills

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With rising digital consumption, you need direct access to flexible technical talent to get ahead of demand. With this powerful platform, tap the right specialists locally and globally. As networking veterans, they are committed to removing the complexities and expensive speed bumps to talent placement so you can achieve excellence.

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It is easy to find a networking job in this platform; however, it is important for freelancers to choose from the broad job pool, the kind of work that they are an expert. If one picks up, a job and later realize that they can’t handle it, they are forced to drop it at a later date. This sends a negative impression of the contractor to the employer, negatively affecting their profiles and credibility in the job market.
About FieldEngineer Platform
This job platform connects engineers and the businesses to hire field engineers to work on their digital demands. It eliminates the old school recruitment struggles by providing talented engineers with a platform to find jobs online. In the realm of its management is the platform’s founder, Malik Zakaria, the founder and CEO. Kaushik Bhaumik is the platform’s Chief Technology Officer, and Thales Teixeira is the advisor.
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